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Chia Hsieh (謝嘉)
PhD Candidate  |  Beaudrot Lab |  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Department of BioSciences, Rice University

My research interest is to disentangle abiotic and biotic factors that drive community structures and functioning in the changing world via integrated approaches. Currently, my research focuses on investigating important drivers of evolutionary and ecological processes shaping the phylogenetic and functional structure, and trophic interactions of tropical vertebrate communities at a macroecological scale.​ Arising in the field of geography, I am broadly interested in human-wildlife-environment interactions in biodiversity conservation with multiple perspectives and spatial analyses.


Aug 2022 New paper on foodweb degradation from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene published in Science entitled "Collapse of
                 terrestrial mammal food webs since the late Pleistocene". Check out our perspectives here and press release here!

                Oral presentation on "Evolutionary history, paleo- and contemporary environmental changes drive tropical mammal
                 community structure", and co-organized the oral session "Macroecology of trophic interactions in a changing world" with
                 Dr. Lydia Beaudrot at the 2022 ESA-CESS meeting, in Montreal.

                Nominated and serving as Graduate Student Ambassador at Rice University to help prospective students understand how to
                 become graduate students.

Jun 2022  Winning the Joe Davies Prize for Outstanding Service as a Teaching Assistant in BIOS 338/538 Analysis and Visualization
                of Biological Data
in the 2022 Spring semester.

May 2022  Awarded with a travel grant ($1,000 USD) from the Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering, Rice University to attend
                   the  2022 IBS conference.
                  Awarded with a travel grant ($500 USD) from the Women (and other gender minorities) in Natural Sciences Travel award, 
                  Rice University for the 2022 ESA conference in Montreal, Canada

Apr 2022   Pass the qualifying exam and officially become Ph.D. Candidate!
Nominated and elected as the Vice president of the Taiwanese Graduate Student Association at Rice University to serve our
                  Taiwanese graduate students.

Dec 2021  Awarded with a Departmental travel grant ($300 USD) from BioSciences, Rice University to attend the 2022 IBS conference.

Nov 2021  Oral presentation "Evolutionary history, paleo- and contemporary abiotic filters drive tropical mammal community
                  structure" at 2022 IBS conference, Vancouver is accepted and awarded with StudentTravel Award from the International   
                  Biogeography Society! (This conference was postponed to June 2022)

Aug 2021  Oral presentation on the group project led by EEB graduate students "Edge effects on species richness distributions in
                  tropical forest protected areas" at the 2021 ESA conference

Jun 2021  Awarded Government scholarship to study abroad by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan ($32,000 USD for 2 years)

May 2021 Nominated and elected as the Representative of Departmental Graduate Student Association to serve EEB graduate
                 students and participate in Rice graduate students' public affairs